Serrania Park is a moderately crowded park that offers easy hiking trails and a great view of the valley. It also has a kids play area with shade, picnic tables, benches and mature trees making it an ideal spot for family get-togethers. The park is very popular among dog owners as it is pet-friendly and there are no busy streets here, allowing you to have plenty of space to spend time with your pets.

Large park featuring wooded areas & grassy lawns, plus a playground, hiking trails & toilets. It’s a popular destination for people living in the nearby Woodland Hills neighborhood as well as residents of other areas of Los Angeles.

It’s also a convenient location for local dog owners who like to take their dogs for walks on the weekends. There’s a fenced playground that’s suitable for small children, as well as a large picnic area with BBQs and a splash pad.

The paved walkway around the perimeter of the park is used daily by stroller-pushing parents and pregnant women looking for a good workout. If you’re planning a picnic or family get-together in the summer, make sure to call ahead to see if water play is on.

One of the largest national parks in Colombia is located here, so you’ll want to make sure you pack a picnic and some water bottles for your visit. The park is home to a number of threatened species, including giant anteaters and jaguars, as well as the Chiribiquete emerald hummingbird, the only endemic bird in this region.

A recent scientific expedition in Serrania de Chiribiquete found 328 species of animals and plants that were not previously known from the park. Many of these are endemic, so they will be of special interest to conservationists who are looking to protect the region’s unique flora and fauna.

These new discoveries have repositioned the park as a priority biodiversity area in the global conservation agenda. It is a Centre of Plant Diversity, an Important Bird Area and an Endemic Bird Area.

It is also a key area for butterfly conservation, with a high rate of species turnover across the elevational gradient in both lowland forests and higher mountain (paramo) habitats. This is consistent with biological hotspots, and is a sign of the importance of Serrania de Chiribiquete to the preservation of butterfly biodiversity.

The re-opening of Serrania de Chiribiquete, which expanded from 1,298,954 hectares to 2,782,353 hectares in 2013, has greatly increased the protection of the region’s biodiversity. It has also been declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco and has become an essential part of the country’s conservation efforts.

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