You researched to determine the best option for your smile. Eventually, you found that dental implants are a fantastic alternative. You then met with an implant specialist from Woodland Hills. Together, you came to the conclusion that dental implants were the best option for you.

Congratulations! You’ve made two excellent choice. In a few days, you’ll be eating your favorite food and smiling and not feeling awkward.

We guide you through the process of getting a dental implant

You’ll be a lot more secure about the dental implants you choose to use if you are aware of what to anticipate. We’re all here to help. amazing team of dentists dental assistants, and hygienists will guide you through each step starting with the initial consultation with your dentist through the final fitting of your implant crown. After you’ve had your newly restored smile, we’d love to be able to provide you with all your family members for many years to come.

How long will it take to obtain dental implants?

It generally takes between 3 to six months for our dentists to make your smile stronger with dental implants. However, it may take longer if your dentist decides that further treatments are needed. Bone grafting that thickens the jawbone, as well as the treatment of gum disease is two most frequently used procedures we offer to prepare the jawbone for surgery on the implant.

The steps involved in the dental implant procedure

This is a listing of the various steps involved that are involved in the process of obtaining a dental implant. Keep in mind that not all people requires the procedure prior to implant, such as bone grafting or treatment to treat gum diseases.

A Preliminary consultation with our dentist

Discuss with the staff to establish a timeframe for the complete process of obtaining a dental implant.

The pre-implant procedure(s) in order to create the area for dental implants.

It is attached to the surgical site.

Implant fixture is assimilated into the body

The abutment and the crown are attached to the implant. It could be a two-step procedure based on the discretion of your dentist.

Follow your directions for the most comfortable recovery

An employee at our clinic will sit with you to assist you prepare for each step of the process. You will also be supplied with clear written instructions that clearly outline what you can expect during the process of obtaining a dental implant. Feel free to contact us at any time throughout the implant procedure should you have any concerns or questions regarding the recovery process. This is what we’re here for.

Follow the dental advice of your dentist is the best method to ensure rapid and complete recovery. It’s also beneficial to keep track of the symptoms you’re experiencing throughout your recovery. So that you’ll be able to inform us promptly if you’re worried about any symptoms that could be developing.

What should you expect following dental implant surgery?

A few instances of swelling, bleeding, and bruising is to be expected following implant surgery. It’s all normal part of the healing process. The swelling around the surgical site is expected to reach its peak two to three days after the procedure. But, the discomfort will likely be the most severe about 6 hours after the procedure has been completed.

Follow the guidelines for each medications for pain that you’ve been given. It is important to be aware of the exact time you take your medication to ensure that you don’t exceed the dose recommended. It is also possible to make use of an icepack to reduce bruises and swelling that occurs on the cheek outside of the surgical site during the first 72-hours following surgery.

Bleeding after dental implant surgery

There will be some bleeding as a natural part of recovering. Make sure to change the gauze that is placed on your gums on a regular basis to stop the bleeding. However, don’t be concerned when a small amount of blood leaks from the area for up to 48 hours after the procedure; it’s an entirely normal part of recovering.

Dry lips are another frequent result of dental implant surgery. This can be treated with an ointment that lubricates your lips, such as Vaseline.

Beware of these issues following dental implant surgery

For a full and sound recovery from implant surgery, here are some issues to be aware of:

Alcoholic drinks

Smokeless tobacco and cigarettes

Food that is hard or sharp may cause irritation at the site of surgery

Physical exercise that demands a lot of effort

Drinking from a straw

Hot drinks like coffee or tea

What is the Success Rate of Dental Implants?